what is Railway Reservation Cancellation

Confirmed Railways eticket reservation can be cancelled online. Indian Railways have set up rules of cancellation which are as below:

1. 24 hours prior to the time of departure: If the ticket is cancelled 24 hours prior to departure, there are no cancellation charges. However, service charges and transaction charges for booking the ticket is not refundable

2. Less than 24 hours and up to 4 hour: if the confirmed rail eticket is cancelled in this time duration, railways deduct 25% of base fare. However, service charges and transaction charges for booking the ticket is not refundable

3. Less than 4 hours and up to departure time: if the confirmed rail eticket is cancelled in this time duration, railways deduct 50% of base fare. However, service charges and transaction charges for booking the ticket is not refundable
Cancellation Charges and Refund Rules

Cancellation charges for unused reserved tickets according to time frame are as follows:

More than 24 hours before the scheduled departure of the train
» Rs. 70/- for air-conditioned First class / Executive class
» Rs. 60/- for air-conditioned 2 Tier sleeper class / air-conditioned 3 Tier sleeper class / First class/ air- conditioned chair car
» Rs. 40/- for sleeper class and Rs. 20/- for second class
Within 24 hours and up to four hours before the scheduled departure of the train
» Cancellation charges shall be 25% of the fare subject to the minimum flat rate as mentioned above.
Within four hours before the scheduled departure of the train and after the departure of the train
» Cancellation charges shall be 50% of the fare subject to the minimum, but there is a fixed time frame rule according to the distance of destination station :-
(a) Three hours for destination station up to 200 km
(b) Six hours, for a destination station of more than 200 km up to 500 km
(c) Twelve hours, for a destination station of more than 500 km
(d) No refunds after the expiry of the period mentioned above


Indian Railways

Indian Railways is the world’s second-largest railway, with 6,853 stations, 63,028 kilometers of track, 37,840 passenger coaches and 222,147 freight cars. Annually it carries some 4.83 billion passengers and 492 million tons of freight. Of the 11 million passengers who climb aboard one of 8,520 trains each day, about 550,000 have reserved accommodations. Their journeys can start in any part of India and end in any other part, with travel times as long as 48 hours and distances up to several thousand kilometers. The challenge is to provide a reservation system that can support such a huge scale of operations — regardless of whether it’s measured by kilometers, passenger numbers, routing complexity, or simply the sheer scale of India.



seat availaibility

irctc.info provides you  seat availaibility info on a single click for any date range under ARP, for any Reservation Class, from any selected Source Station to destination Station.
To check Train Seat Availability you need to start as below

  • Select source station after writing some letters of source station into “From Station” textbox and then select source station form autosuggest station list.This is the station from you are planning to start your journey.
  • Select destination station after writing some letters of destination station into “To Station” textbox and then select destination station for autosuggest station list.
  • Now just select date duration by click on “From Date” and “To Date” and select dates according to your train travel preferences and then just press on “submit” button

Train Fare Enquiry

You can get the indian railway irctc train ticket fare by filling the above form

The train fare varies depending the calsses of the coach, age of the person and conecession

The different classes are:

  • First AC
  • Second AC
  • Third AC
  • 3 AC Economy
  • AC Charir Car
  • First Class
  • Sleeper Class
  • Second Seating

Different fares are applicable based on the age group. The age groups are:

  • Child Age between 5 and 11
  • Adult Age 12 and above
  • Senior female citizen 58 and above
  • Senior male citizen 60 and above

Time Table

The detail found in Working Timetables includes the timings at every major station, junction, or other significant location along the train’s which platforms are used at certain stations, and line codes where there is a choice of running line.

Further information may include the train’s identification (or “reporting”) number which, in Network Rail practice, consists of a four digit alpha-numeric code where the first number indicates the type of train  followed by a letter indicating the area of operation or destination and then two figures denoting the individual service; what service the train next forms; what formation (“consist”) the train has, its maximum speed, and any other information relevant to the operation of the train.

Railway companies incorporate their philosophy of service provision into their timetable in numerical, chronological form. In the beginning of commercial railways, the timetable was the authority for a train to be at a particular location at a specified time, subject to any restrictions imposed by the rules, regulations and engineered safety controls (which were originally minimal). As such, instructional publications were often referred to as ‘appendices’ to the working timetable. As the rules and regulations gradually expanded following accidents, the working timetable became more of a guide than an absolute authority.

Current Running Status

The Indian Railways is one of the biggest train networks in the world. More than 23 million passengers travel through these trains daily. As the Indian Railways system is very vast and old, it took a lot of time to introduce it to the internet. However now it is making huge leaps in bringing relevant information to the commuters with help of technology and internet.

If you want to know the running status, all you got to do is to go to the official enquiry website of Indian Railways and simply enter the name of your train or its number. With a single click, you can get all the information about the current train running status like when is it scheduled to arrive, is there any delay etc.

However, the progress in technology never stops and there is always something which can be made better. Now along with current running status, you can also know the exact location of the train in the country.

Another new helpful feature is that you no longer need to remember your train number. You can simply enter the starting and ending stations of your journey and the site will automatically show all the trains on that route. Then you can select the name of your train and know its current train running status. Once you have selected your train, you can also know what was that train’s leaving time at the last two stations it has crossed, what is the distance for the next two stations on its route and when can you expect it to arrive at those stoppages. All this information helps commuters better plan their trip in case their train is arriving late or is cancelled.


Check PNR

Mostly in Republic of India folks travel through train because it is an inexpensive and convenient medium of traveling. within the modern-day ascertain the pnr standing from your mobile through net by victimisation PNR variety.PNR is that the on-line documentation of the Indian railway reservation system. PNR is brief name for ‘Passenger Name Record. it’s a record within the info of Indian Railways laptop reservation system (IR-CRS) against that journey details for a traveler, or a bunch of passengers area unit saved.
The traveler offer data that embrace the name of the traveler, age, gender, berth preference, date of journey, contact data, train variety, category of travel etc. A PNR issued by the central reservation system. PNR variety is usually written at the highest left corner of the written tickets. if you Check PNR standing you may be stunned to notice that the railway corporation is additionally ever-changing with the time.

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